Mornings With Lulu Devine

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Mornings With Lulu Devine

Lulu Devine rolls around in bed, playing with her gigantic tits and fingering her golden-haired pussy. Miss Devine puts on a tight mini-dress that hugs her body like cellophane and goes to the roof. Changing into workout pants and a tank top, Lulu exercises, doing most of it topless. She oils her huge breasts, plays with a garden hose and goes inside to bathe. Lulu, sister of Toppsy Curvey, gets a lot done in the morning.

Lulu always attracts a crowd.

"People don't only gawk, they come up and grab me. Old ladies like to reach out and touch someone! Most people think it's only the men, but women have much more of an opinion about this than anybody else. They go out of their minds. Don't get me wrong, most of the time it's very favorable but there are always assholes out there.

"I love giving autographs and talking to people, so I don't mind when people are nice about it, because I'm pretty easygoing. When I'm in a supermarket, I'll start playing with melons and say to the guys… Read More »
Featuring: Lulu Devine
Date: March 8th, 2022
Duration: 38:31

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1 year ago 

The one and only Lulu. Amazing !

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