Not The 36th President of the USA

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Not The 36th President of the USA

Lynden Johnson was an unusual name for any Colorado feature dancer to choose, big-busted or not. The name doesn't have any kind of sexual, boob or adult show business connotation whatsoever. When the name of the 36th President of the United States (His first name is actually spelled "Lyndon") was announced by DJs, it would puzzle strip club goers who didn't know the stripper.

Lynden started off by posing for nude glamour pictorials. In 1993, she relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she was mainly cast in supporting roles in porn videos.

Lynden said she liked stripping more than modeling because when she was on-stage, she could look at the faces of the men in the audience and see their sexual hunger and that pleased her, something she couldn't see, and could only imagine, when they were looking at her photos or videos at home. Lynden would have liked today's webcams but it's still not the same as being a few inches from the guys she was teasing. Read More »
Featuring: Lynden Johnson
Date: September 19th, 2017
Duration: 07:57

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