Cathy & Nilli's XXX Therapy

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Cathy & Nilli's XXX Therapy

Ordinary guy Mark gets the ultimate male fantasy with Nilli Willis and Cathy Patrick: threesome sex. These two busty, horny girls give him the workout of his life. Imagine having these two shoehorning your stiff manhood between their big tits and squeezing out a load.

The contrast in looks and skin tones is exciting also. Irish Cathy is as fair as they come and Nilli, born in Israel and raised in Great Britain, is dusky and exotic.

As publisher John Fox put it, "Nilli's rare combination of exotic beauty and mountainous, all-natural boob flesh made her an instant favorite. Her willingness to show off every succulent inch of her bountiful body made her a legend. And the best was yet to come."

Cathy was a huge favorite for her happy and easygoing approach to posing, her smiling Irish eyes and her creamy curves. She was a natural to be one of the first girls in the debut issue of SCORE (June 1992).
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Date: June 6th, 2017
Duration: 42:36

Member Comments

6 years ago 

WOW at 28:47 Nilli casually stands around displaying the most gorgeous bush I think I've ever seen.

I absolutely love this woman!

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