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Magda In Japan

Featuring: Magda
Date: May 22nd, 2018
Duration: 26:03
With the assistance of several Japanese correspondents, SCORE director of photography John Graham visited Japan in 1992 with several big-bust models: Chloe Vevrier, Michelle Willings, a Dutch model named Jill and Magda from Poland. Awaiting their arrival were two local models, Yuko and Kaiko. A girl with the perfect body for SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, Magda indulged in one of Japan's great pastimes, bathing, as the camera rolled. She doffs her kimono to reveal her lush, gorgeous body. Although Magda was a big bust model, the cameraman filmed her squatting and soaping from behind to capture her impressive butt. Her large, ripe ass is the centerpiece of this segment. Magda's ass cheeks were flawless. She rinsed off in the Japanese style, sitting on a low, wooden bench. Changing position, Magda soaped up her front, giving ample attention to her tits. Her bush was full too, in the European way.

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