Days of Big Tits & Big Hair

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Days of Big Tits & Big Hair

Melanie King's video shot in a pub convinced us that the big-haired cutie may have had real-life barmaid experience. At least in our boob-drunk brains.

Although not as elaborate as Melanie's pub crawl, this unedited video of the sexy Brit is just as rare. She undresses, tries on new lingerie, gets turned-on by her own body and gets off on the living room couch.

Where have all the big-haired girls gone? Not just in modeling but everywhere. On the cutting room floor?

We advocate for a return to the days of girls with big-hair, bush and not covered with tats and piercings.

Yes, we're living in a dream world of girls like Melanie, Lisa Phillips and Tracy West, and we're happy there. Read More »
Featuring: Melanie
Date: May 17th, 2022
Duration: 21:09

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