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Michaela: Summer 1994 Voluptuous Girl

Featuring: Michaela
Date: June 16th, 2020
Duration: 34:50
In April of 1994, an attractive German girl named Michaela walked into the SCORE office in London looking for a job as receptionist. There were no openings for that position, but with Michaela's looks, big breasts and great body, she was a natural to try other "positions" on-camera. She accepted an offer to model right then and there and returned for this video and several still photo shoots. Michaela had never posed before so this video is another "training film" for an inexperienced girl. She took direction well without making it look like she was being directed. The video begins with Michaela trying on a short and sheer honeymoon-style babydoll nightie that looks perfect on her generously developed body. She wore the same babydoll lingerie with a bra underneath for the cover of Voluptuous magazine, Summer 1994 edition. She rubs lotion into her tits after removing it and carries on under the watchful eye of the director. After the scene is finished, Michaela is followed into the shower. Why waste the opportunity?

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