Bond. Michelle Bond.

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Bond. Michelle Bond.

Sexy British brunette Michelle Bond licks her nipples, creams her tits and vibrates her pink pussy in a video shot in the UK at the end of 2002. Michelle was thin at the time but as she matured, her body and her tits filled out.

"I'm a little embarrassed to talk about my sex life, "Michelle said at the time. "All right, I like being shagged from behind. I like to have my bum slapped hard, too. I am normally a quiet person, but this turns me into a totally different girl! I think I have told you too much!"

In 2003, Michelle went to the Costa del Sol in Spain with the SCORE team. She was invited to the Big Boob Paradise shoot in 2007 in Eleuthera, The Bahamas, but she couldn't attend because of her office job.

Michelle was a showgirl at Privilege, the world's biggest club, near the small town of San Raphael in party city Ibiza, Spain. "My part every Monday night was to get dragged onstage, handcuffed and naked by a dwarf. I had a really great three years working in Ibiza, and I met… Read More »
Featuring: Michelle Bond
Date: January 23rd, 2024
Duration: 23:04

Member Comments

5 months ago 

Beyond Amazing ! Early Michelle from your archive is appreciated ! You must have more of same in your archive. Togerher with the early Lorna Morgan and Danni Ashe ! It's there in your archive ! It must be shared !

5 months ago 

Michelle will always be first among equals up on the throne with Lorna Morgan and Danni Ashe...the Golden Age of Score...

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