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Sweet Michelle Willings

Featuring: Michelle Willings
Date: April 11th, 2017
Duration: 25:51
"I love modeling," said Michelle Willings. "It's the most exciting thing I do." An Essex Girl, Michelle had the same kind of girl-next-door look about her, and personality to match, as America's Dannie Ashe. She has the distinction of being the only English girl to have gone to Tokyo, Japan in 1992 with John Graham's crew and fellow models Jill, a Dutch girl and Germany's Chloe Vevrier for a series of shoots. "The Japanese have this thing for western women, especially those of us with big boobs. The men were very attentive to me, Jill and Chloe. Everyone was very polite and courteous. If I walk on a London street, I will hear wolf whistles and laborers eating lunch commenting on my body, loud enough for me to hear. I got looks in Tokyo but quite on the proper side." .

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