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Magda Meets Michelle Willings

Featuring: Magda and Michelle Willings
Date: May 29th, 2018
Duration: 30:54
Sexy Michelle Willings traveled with the SCORE team to Japan. A cabin near the river on the outskirts of Tokyo was selected to film the lovely Brit along with Magda, a Polish bra-buster. Both girls happily got into the Japanese way of dressing. Michelle was waiting for Magda to come back from the city where she was shopping for sexy clothes for them. These busty naturals make their undressing an erotic ritual as a prelude to a lingerie party. They both have near perfect bodies. After they have tried on their exciting garments and compared figures, Magda tenderly puts Michelle back in her robe. Michelle then departs, leaving Magda to touch herself in a sensual manner as she looks out at the river, thinking about her English friend. The erotic and moody atmosphere of her surroundings has left Magda in an agitated state of licentious arousal.

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