The Mountains of Montana

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The Mountains of Montana

Montana is from the Twin Cities as in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Very apt. She was the rare redhead with a bronzed body and her bikini tan-lines emphasized the whiteness of her twins and her bikini bottom that ended in a trimmed pussy. Her body was beautiful and busty but not excessively top-heavy. The tan-lines made her breasts look even bigger.

Like many girls, Montana saw an ad for an amateur topless dance contest in Solid Gold. She won third place and decided to dance full-time. She became a table dancer there, then went nude in Deja Vu. She credited the managers for her becoming a feature dancer. From there it was onto magazine shoots. This video is extremely rare.

Montana enjoyed dancing naked more than topless. She didn't get too hot on stage and wouldn't masturbate on-stage like some features did. Being a sex symbol entertainer with an approachable attitude was more her speed and she liked to walk around the clubs and chat. Montana had no interest in going hardcore… Read More »
Featuring: Montana
Date: April 17th, 2017
Duration: 07:55

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