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Breast-bouncing Dancer Struts Her Stuff

Featuring: Nada
Date: May 8th, 2018
Duration: 40:32
At the age of 19, Nada answered an ad for nude big-boobed models placed by British busty-girl specialist John Graham. Nada found herself in bed in a London studio fingering the pussy of Lisa Kelly, a Portsmouth girl who was three years older than Nada when they got together. That scene was posted at SCORE Classics. Nada, an Italian, was an exchange student living in London, and we all know students always need quick cash. Besides that girl-girl scene with Lisa, Nada also did this breast-bouncing dancing and masturbation video. It's a lengthy one. Nada had a lot of energy and was not a clock-watcher. In this scene, she dances for a long time, gets into many positions and plays with her big pussy lips and bush. Nada didn't need much on-camera direction. Curly-haired brunette Nada had no tattoos or piercings.

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