Nikki Diamond: The Girl With Something Xtra

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Nikki Diamond: The Girl With Something Xtra

This scene of big-boobed dancer Nikki Diamond getting fucked by Brian was a two-camera shoot. It was originally edited for SCORELAND and for the DVD SCORE Xtra 7. Here at, the video editor synched both raw videos to run side-by-side in a split-screen presentation.

In Nikki's hardcore scenes with guys or girls (Dawn Stone and Tanya Danielle), she combined her enjoyment of her partner's body and the sex with showing the cameramen hovering over them how much she enjoyed that sex. That blend of high sex drive and exhibitionism made her both a hot stripper on-stage and a hot porn star on-set. With a couple of exceptions, Nikki only did photo and video shoots for SCORE and never made the round of other studios.

In 2000, Nikki was a guest on the Jenny Jones TV talk show episode called "I Got No Shame 'Cuz My Chest Gives Me Game!" This was during the peak years of busty strippers and models appearing on all of the TV talk shows such as Richard Bey, Geraldo Rivera… Read More »
Featuring: Nikki Diamond
Date: November 16th, 2021
Duration: 36:44

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