Nilli Tries On Lingerie & Masturbates

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Nilli Tries On Lingerie & Masturbates

Nilli's philosophy about modeling was sexual. She didn't have a mechanical approach. "I pretend the camera is my lover and everything I would reveal to a lover, I give to the camera instead," Nilli said.

Nilli was one of the first of the Britain-based late-80s girls to really unleash her powerful sexuality, whether in solo play or hardcore. This solo video relies on the well-used theme of the girl coming home to try on her lingerie purchases. There's a considerable amount of footage of Nilli standing, the camera pulled back to show her from head-to-toe. This framing shows just how big Nilli's tits really are because the viewer can get a sense of proportion. They are huge!

When Nilli gets into bed and begins to finger her bushy pussy, she rocks back and forth and that action makes her boobs wobble like crazy. It's a motion that modern-day girls should copy in their videos. Music was played on the set this time (which is actually good because it gets girls in the mood) so it's… Read More »
Featuring: Nilli Willis
Date: April 23rd, 2017
Duration: 24:15

Member Comments

7 months ago 
Yet another favorite from the past! Love this girl.
5 years ago 
Her massive natural huge hanging juggs with slim body are ultimate !!

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