Nilli Willis Speaks!

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Nilli Willis Speaks!

This is an extremely rare video of Nilli Willis being interviewed. This kind of video chatting was rare. It's raw and unedited with bloopers and retakes left intact. An Israeli by birth, Nilli has a totally British accent.

Nilli talked about her interests and goals...what she wants to do and where she wants her nude modeling and hardcore scenes to take her. Her fantasies. Her sexual experiences. How she perceives herself. She does a funny vocal imitation of an American redneck that had the interviewers laughing.

In this interview, we meet the real Nilli. She's the same Nilli we stroked to back in the day, the same Nilli we wanted to bang.

John Fox, then the editor of Gent magazine, wrote about Nilli and her effect on tit-men who loved her big, hanging tits and exotic looks.

"When Nilli Willis exploded into the big-bust magazine world in the late 1980s, readers couldn't believe their eyes! Never before had such a mammary marvel come from Israel and then emigrated to England. Her… Read More »
Featuring: Nilli Willis
Date: October 21st, 2016
Duration: 11:55

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