A German Natural

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A German Natural

Olga had plans to become a nurse in her native St. Wendel, Germany when she posed. She measured a stupendous 46-26-38 and she had a trimmed, thick bush, of course. The trend of shaving pubic hair had not yet gripped young women, nor were tattoos on female bodies common twenty years ago. The modeling cash came in handy for her tuition in nursing school.

The editors at TSG have often discussed why models become nurses or nursing assistants after they stop posing. Why they are comfortable with spending part of their work week sticking thermometers in sick mens' butts is beyond our comprehension. In some cases, nurses become models or part-time models.

Olga had those perfect "breeding hips" that the most-prized super-naturals have. Although her nipples are among the flattest we'd ever seen, more evident in the extreme closeups in this video, Olga's full, ripe, creamy breasts were nature's work of art. Read More »
Featuring: Olga
Date: October 3rd, 2017
Duration: 29:38

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