A Busty German Girl In London

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A Busty German Girl In London

Ona was a sweet, 19-year-old German when she made her way from Berlin to London and the SCORE studio in 1995. As noted in another Ona posting, "Ona had a kind of post-hippie era, hedonistic, 'New Age' way about her."

Many girls with Ona's personality are often drawn to new experiences, at least for a short time while they're young and playful. They may experiment with nude modeling, performing erotic acts on-camera and even trying a hardcore scene with a man. This video has Ona creaming her big tits and supple body, fingering her pussy, tweaking her nipples and fucking her pussy with a long vibrator molded in the shape of a dick. She sticks the toy in deep and the camera captures that in extreme close-up. At one point, the director asks Ona if she can stick the toy in her ass. (She'd put a finger in her butt earlier.) Ona replies that it's too big.

There are no cuts in the camera. The director keeps it moving. His verbal direction, never heard before, turns this scene into the… Read More »
Featuring: Ona
Date: June 9th, 2020
Duration: 31:57

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