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Twin Peaks

Featuring: Pandora Peaks
Date: August 29th, 2017
Duration: 22:11
Pandora Peaks graduated from the University of Georgia. Her degree in finance led to a job at Citibank. She gave that up for dancing and modeling. Pandora was one of the best-looking American strippers of the 1990s. She also worked in mainstream movies, and in that world, is best known for the Demi Moore flick Striptease (1996), based on the Carl Hiaasen comedic-crime novel. She played the nice stripper, "Urbanna Sprawl." Pandora played a spy in one of the Andy Sidaris action-girl movies, Do Or Die (1991). "I'm in a waterfall scene. I have a partner who can't shoot a gun straight. It was a lot of fun." "Mainly I dance in the U.S.," Pandora said in 1996. "I call it my underground world.

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July 25, 2018
A talented woman.
September 03, 2017
Slim, stacked, sexy and no need for a bag of chips. Her face and long blond hair makes her a picture of pure sensuality.

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