Plenty UpTopp Had Plenty Up Top

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Plenty UpTopp Had Plenty Up Top

Plenty UpTopp made editors' heads spin with her frequent professional name changes but TSG editors loved her anyway. Plenty started her career in 1990 as Ashley Bust. She changed her name in 1995 to Sonnie Days, and then In 1997, she re-emerged as Plenty UpTopp.

A girl who lived the party life, Plenty had a bawdy sense of humor and a high energy personality. You should have seen Plenty at adult industry conventions. This scene with Shawn was shot and edited for the movie SCORE Xtra 4. This is the uncut two-camera video shown in split screen.

Plenty told us a story about this video:

"I went to see The Genitorturers, this crazy S/M band. I'm with one of my girlfriends. To make a long story longer and more complicated, I picked up this guy with my friend and we brought him home, and she was leaving in the morning. I was really nervous because I was supposed to be at SCORE the next day to shoot SCORE Xtra #4. It was my first video with a guy who I did not know prior to the filming.… Read More »
Featuring: Plenty Uptopp
Date: September 12th, 2023
Duration: 41:07

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