Rebecca Love: Pole Dancer

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Rebecca Love: Pole Dancer

This Rebecca Love video was a two-camera shoot. The supervisor of our video editing department came up with the ingenious idea of synching both raw, unedited videos side-by-side for a cool look. The original edit of this scene appeared on SCORELAND when the sexy, busty redhead was actively modeling, exotic dancing and shooting porn.

Rebecca was one of the all-time hottest and most-enthusiastic talkers to ever visit SCORE. She knew exactly what to say and do. For example, this quote about tit-fucking:

"I like when a guy is sitting down, and I'm kneeling in front of him, and he holds my tits together, and I can hold his shaft, and I just go up and down. He's got the tits, I've got the cock, and we're just sliding his cock between my tits, and I'm spitting on his cock at the same time. They get to feel my tits at the same time, and it's easier for me. And then when they're about to cum, they can either shoot on my face, or I can suck them dry."

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and runs a… Read More »
Featuring: Rebecca Love
Date: September 21st, 2021
Duration: 31:04

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