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The Busty British Massage Therapist

Featuring: Ruth Tyler
Date: July 25th, 2017
Duration: 29:25
British redhead Ruth Tyler was 32 years old and measured 40-26-34 when she was asked if she'd be interested in nude modeling. She tried it a few times and that was it. Ruth was at the time a massage therapist. She began this profession when she was 17 years old. Her clients included businessmen, doctors and other stalwarts of society. Ruth told the UK tabloids that she jacked off over 5,000 men and that was in 1999. She was quoted as offering this service topless, fully nude or in the fantasy costume of the client's choice assuming she owned what he wanted her to wear. She declined to show her specialty on video and opted to masturbate with a toy. Ruth was clearly the type of woman who'd wait on you hand and..hand. This rare video of Ruth is unedited with the original audio track intact as the cameraman directs her through breast and pussy play.

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