SaRenna Lee: Toys Are For Adults Too

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SaRenna Lee: Toys Are For Adults Too

Always picture-perfect and immaculate when the cameras rolled or when she was making public appearances at clubs and adult conventions, SaRenna Lee might have a few comments to make about how so many models today look like they just rolled out of bed when they go on-camera.

"I love playing dress-up," SaRenna said. "I love fetishy clothes and I love when a makeup artist makes me beautiful, but in the real world, I'm just a Levi's jeans kind of girl. I love wearing a white, men's dress shirt, and I try to make my beauty routine as simple as possible. I don't like taking a lot of time for it. I'm a very natural, beachy kind of girl. I like it that way.

This might be a surprise to readers: "Most of the guys I've had relationships with weren't breast enthusiasts. They liked butts and feet. I don't know why they liked me. They got used to them and they dealt with them, but they didn't originally come to me for that reason. Then, by the time the relationship fizzled, they were breast-men… Read More »
Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Date: November 23rd, 2021
Duration: 29:35

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7 months ago 
Sarenna is hot! She's a goddess!

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