Sarah Lee's On-camera Cherry Popped

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Sarah Lee's On-camera Cherry Popped

There's fucking and then there's fucking with a camera crew watching and recording every move the couple makes. Sarah Lee from Birmingham was another cute doll with "girlfriend material" qualities. She modeled for about two years.

The ubiquitous porn actor from the 1990s Marino aka Super Mario can't just show up, bang Sarah and hit the showers. He's got to seduce the shy, quiet, very docile brunette on-camera and that requires several retakes which have been kept intact in this uncut video. Once Sarah is warmed up with kissing, nipple sucking and bushy pussy licking, she's ready for cock. This is Sarah's first and only hardcore scene.

SCORE and Voluptuous magazines first published photos of Sarah in 1994. She seemed a good girl to pair off with Chloe, who loves shy girls she can seduce. Over time Sarah warmed up but never lost that shyness. When she didn't look at the camera in her photos, it wasn't for so-called artsy poses. It was because the eye-contact made her nervous. Read More »
Featuring: Sarah Lee
Date: May 9th, 2017
Duration: 39:26

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