Sierra Covered in Cum

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Sierra Covered in Cum

"I'm a cum freak," Sierra said in an interview with editor Dave Rosenbaum for November 2002 Voluptuous magazine conducted in the SCORE studio. "It's just no fun unless the guy cums. I like to rub it all over my body, taste it, play with it. I like it on my face. More than anything, I like tasting it. Okay, I'm nasty! I'm just a nasty little girl. If I can get a guy to pull out of my pussy and cum all over me, it's such a power trip and it's so much fun.

"I've had directors say, 'You've gotta stop now,' but I want to keep sucking his dick. For some reason, my pussy gets really wet when I'm giving head. I can actually cum from giving head. I don't know how I actually do it, but I just do it. It's so much fun watching the expression on his face. I always keep my eyes open when I'm giving head. I like to see if I'm doing it right and whether I have to suck faster or deeper. I don't suck cock for a guy. It's mostly for me. If I'm going to suck your dick, I might as well have fun. I like… Read More »
Featuring: Sierra
Date: July 2nd, 2024
Duration: 27:31

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