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Bathing Beauty

Featuring: Suzanne Brecht
Date: June 26th, 2017
Duration: 22:00
22 year-old Suzanne worked in a Danish bank. She lived in the Copenhagen suburb Bronshoj and first appeared in the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladetn as a Page 9 Girl, an obvious riff on the British newspaper The Sun. In 1988, Suzanne decided to model for men's magazines and in video. A gorgeous woman with an incredibly shapely, slim, basically flawless figure, Suzanne went no further than nude posing and a few videos. Suzanne only modeled for about two years, and near the end, her boobs were visibly smaller and her body slimmer. Suzanne was still busty, just not as buxom and curvy as she was in the beginning. This was not surprising and is not uncommon. This is why great young girls have to be photographed quickly and often enough before body changes and fluctuations kick in. .

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September 26, 2019
Tr�s hot
September 21, 2017
My favorite scene of Suzanne, first discovered (and admired) back in the nineties when I was in college...

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