Suzi Suzuki: Picked Up While Window Shopping

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Suzi Suzuki: Picked Up While Window Shopping

Dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, the charming and pretty Suzi Suzuki goes window shopping. Cruising around the city, British porn star Marino spots Suzi, sees that she's on foot and picks her up. He brings her to his place, and after chatting her up, he makes his move.

This video is off the unedited tape so it's filled with retakes and bloopers that no one's ever seen outside of an editing room.

Suzi got into porn in 1994 through amateur porn shooter Ed Powers. She then made the move to mainstream porn, and according to the experts at IAFD, made 89 videos, many of which emphasized her Japanese heritage. Read More »
Featuring: Suzi Suzuki
Date: June 28th, 2022
Duration: 39:09

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