Kia & Suzi Suzuki: Lez Play With Big Sex Toys

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Kia & Suzi Suzuki: Lez Play With Big Sex Toys

Suzi Suzuki is in bed with a corn-cob vibrator. A bag of vibrators and strap-on dicks is next to her. Bikini girl Kia enters through the door that connects to the pool deck where Kia's been sunning. Kia chides Suzi for not enjoying the day at poolside like she is. Suzi pats the bed and tells Kia to join her for a girls' sex toy day. The two Asian beauties play with vibrators, enjoy their trim, sexy bodies, suck each other's pert nipples and munch on each other's pussy. Kia straps on the giant, realistically sculpted cock and fucks Suzi deep and hard.

The 1990s was the decade of the Asian porn star in America. Kia, Suzi, Mimi Miyagi, Asia Carrera and Minka brought the Asian invasion to SCORE magazine during this period. However, only Minka is still active today.

Kianna Dior debuted in 2000 and became a major porn star. In 2002, Jade Feng was the first naturally big-boobed Chinese woman to model for SCORE. Jade supersized her breasts in 2007. Kiko Lee was a rare… Read More »
Featuring: Kia and Suzi Suzuki
Date: July 5th, 2022
Duration: 20:47

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