Here, there & everywhere with Talya Faust

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Here, there & everywhere with Talya Faust

Talya Faust liked to tease the photographer. Boy, was she a naughty one. This video is a collection of different shoots. Talya plays at poolside. She showers. She talks to the photographer outside. She gets into bed and plays with her big tits and bushy pussy. She poses for a magazine shoot. Talya stopped short of doing an actual boy-girl scene but she looked ready to try one.

Talya's photos were published in three out-of-print issues of Voluptuous magazine. After doing this video and her magazine sets, Talya enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and that was the last we heard about her.

Are you a swallower or a spitter?

Talya: A swallower. It usually goes down the hatch, yes. Actually, I'm a vegetarian so it's a good protein substitute.

You've probably had your tits fucked quite a lot?

Talya: Not as much as you may think. Ummm, I think three times.

So it would be fun to tit-fuck you. They're nice and big and soft.

Talya: I think it would be. But my current boyfriend...he doesn't think… Read More »
Featuring: Talya Faust
Date: March 21st, 2023
Duration: 01:54:18

Member Comments

1 year ago 

The bright pink vaginal walls are beautiful, striking, and fantastic when her bushy labia are spread against her white skin. The labia themselves are also quite nice and meaty.
The long, drawn-out pussy show at the beginning and end of the film is not hard for pussy lovers.
The scenes where the cameraman films the pussy are also very good.
Her body as a whole is also plump, but she has not lost her eroticism due to the good shape of her big boobs. However, if she were slimmer and skinnier like Eden Mor, I think she would be more erotic.

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