Tanya Swan: Busty Boom Box Babe

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Tanya Swan: Busty Boom Box Babe

That boom box Tanya Swan is lugging before she begins her dance number is bigger than Tanya is.

If any pop cultural products typify the 1990s, it's the boom box and roller blades. Tanya doesn't roll into the studio's loading dock but she's dressed for striptease dancing in a showgirl costume and heels.

A beautiful German import from Frankfurt, Tanya debuted in November 1994 SCORE. There were several SCORE superstars in the issue, including Deena Duos, Europe DiChan and Minka, but Tanya scored the cover in an unusual photo that displayed her ass cheeks, not her breasts. Read More »
Featuring: Tanya Swan
Date: April 26th, 2022
Duration: 09:16

Member Comments

1 year ago 

I love to watch beautiful natural big busty models dance fully nude with their natural big tits bouncing around in authentic dance. My particular favorite treasured video is the classic video of the Score of a young, slim, tight-bodied Fae (aka Katie)dancing fully nude and her fabulous natural big tits bouncing around.
This video by Tanya Swan is a shame that the fully nude part is so short, but she has a pretty nice body too.Her tits are nice, but in the case of Fae’s bushy pussy , the crack(pussy slit) is hidden and not visible, but in the case of Tanya Swan’s pussy, the crack is clearly visible, which is very erotic and nice.

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