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The Huge Tits of a Maid & Her Mistress

Featuring: Busty BriAnna and Tawny Peaks
Date: October 30th, 2018
Duration: 27:01
Tawny Peaks is the maid. Busty BriAnna is the mistress. The tub they soak in isn't big enough for both of them and their giant tits but they make everything fit. This video is so long, it's been split into two parts. Possibly the photographer was so smitten by these kittens that he had to make the time with them last longer. Tawny's maid costume was from a fetish outfit supplier. This scene was shot in London in April, 1996. Tawny and BriAnna were American exotic dancers. Tawny was a regular SCORE Girl and sailed on the first Boob Cruise in 1994. Originally known as Titsianna, BriAnna appeared in several SCORE pictorials and videos.

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