Alice In Teresa Land

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Alice In Teresa Land

Bigger-breasted Alice is wearing the red lingerie. Teresa is in blue. They were two Czech girls living in London at the time. They visited the SCORE studio several times. Teresa also went to The Bahamas for photo shoots.

These two were classic examples of "lipstick Lesbians," pretty girls who would go down on other pretty girls and enjoy every second of it. Teresa did hardcore with guys. Alice did not.

This was a new experience for Alice. In an interview, she talked about the joys of doing girls.

"I just discovered women. Girls are different. They're not as rough. Doing girls is like a long tease. With men, sometimes it's like they're in a race. My advice to men on oral sex is take your time. Don't just go straight for the clit. Tease everything and when we cum, it's unbelievable." Read More »
Featuring: Alice and Teresa
Date: May 1st, 2018
Duration: 19:48

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