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Tonisha Mills: Getting Ready For Work

Featuring: Tonisha Mills
Date: June 1st, 2021
Duration: 17:19
In this unedited video shot in London, Tonisha Mills wakes up, but before she leaves her comfy bed, she warms up her pussy and plays with her nipples. She's given minimal direction. Tonisha dresses for her job as a tool-time girl working in construction by dressing in cut-off denim shorts, a bra, stockings and garters and high heels. That'll cause a lot of workplace accidents! This is the opening segment. Tonisha is joined on the job by Tawny Peaks in another segment. Why are there no real construction workers like this? Granted, the high heels are not the best thing to wear when lifting hard wood. Tonisha also played tourist in London with Deena Duos and Tawny, attracting loads of attention and stares. It was August, 1993 and hot in the city. Tonisha didn't do much to lower the temperature. In fact, she raised it.

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