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Traci Burr: Titty Tugger

Featuring: Traci Burr
Date: June 2nd, 2017
Duration: 28:00
Traci Burr did a tit trick that many girls don't do anymore. She could tug and pull her nipples until her boobs were stretched to the maximum. Traci begins doing this from the start in this video shot in London. Her tits were white, veiny and very pliable. Grabbing her nipples, she shakes them hard. There's good interaction with the photographer/director and 23-year-old Traci follows his instructions, words no one outside the studio had ever heard since 1995 because the audio was usually wiped clean and replaced by music in solo videos and some hardcore. It's a huge difference when you hear the instructions the girl gets from a breast-man and see how she responds. When Traci goes for her orgasm, her arm moves as fast as a vibrator while the other hand pinches her nipple. .

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