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The Flawless Tracy West

Featuring: Tracy West
Date: August 6th, 2016
Duration: 21:39
Tracy West exploded on the England modeling scene in the Fall of 1990, shortly after turning 18 in June of the same year. She was incredibly cute, voluptuous yet slim and was endowed with big, full boobs that would literally make her an overnight sensation. She was first discovered and photographed by Donald Milne, the well-known British glamour photographer, who did a few shoots with Tracy. Other UK photographers quickly sought Tracy out. Relatively unknown in the States, Tracy truly qualified as one of Britain's best. Sometimes spelled Tracey, Tracy had a flawless body as this scene proves beyond doubt. She was from Bristol, no pun intended (Bristols are British slang for tits.) The theme is familiar but never really gets old. A girl comes home from lingerie shopping and tries each piece on as the camera ogles her perfect figure and beautiful face. .

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