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Vanessa, The Quiet One

Featuring: Vanessa
Date: January 15th, 2017
Duration: 33:03
Slim, naturally-breasted Vanessa made her debut in the May 1996 issue of Voluptuous. The two-time Boob Cruiser (1997 and 1998) was an extremely quiet British girl-next-door who rarely spoke but had tremendous sex appeal. Vanessa quit modeling around 1998. Vanessa met her kissin' cousin in the form of British model Katie. They posed together in girl-girl lick-fests in London and on the Cruise in 1997, where they were basically joined at the hip the entire trip. They were cabinmates as well. The two tittering English birds of a feather ran around the ship mostly naked, except at meal times (which every guy on the ship would have loved had they not made that exception). They also engaged in spontaneous tonguing and breast play nearly every chance they got. Vanessa sailed again on the Cruise in 1998 without Katie and it was obvious that Vanessa missed her bosom buddy. .

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November 10, 2018
I wish there was more videos of her. If you have more please release them!!! :)
July 16, 2017
I think that this video is rehearsal shooting of the one,
listed in DVD,"Best Of Voluptuous".In such meaning,
it can be said that it is very valuable.
But in this video her pink vaginal wall and delicate clitoris look beautiful and clear.
Anyways,Natural Busty Vanessa,her meaty large pussy lips are very fantastic and most sexy ones.
For me of enthusiastic large meaty pussy lips lover with natural big tits, Vanessa She is one of My favorite four meaty pussy queens,i.e.,Dawn Phoenix,Lily Valentine,Lillian Faye, and this Vanessa.

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