Vanessa, The Quiet One

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Vanessa, The Quiet One

Slim, naturally-breasted Vanessa made her debut in the May 1996 issue of Voluptuous. The two-time Boob Cruiser (1997 and 1998) was an extremely quiet British girl-next-door who rarely spoke but had tremendous sex appeal. Vanessa quit modeling around 1998.

Vanessa met her kissin' cousin in the form of British model Katie. They posed together in girl-girl lick-fests in London and on the Cruise in 1997, where they were basically joined at the hip the entire trip. They were cabinmates as well.

The two tittering English birds of a feather ran around the ship mostly naked, except at meal times (which every guy on the ship would have loved had they not made that exception). They also engaged in spontaneous tonguing and breast play nearly every chance they got. Vanessa sailed again on the Cruise in 1998 without Katie and it was obvious that Vanessa missed her bosom buddy. Read More »
Featuring: Vanessa
Date: January 15th, 2017
Duration: 33:03

Member Comments

1 year ago 

Her Vanessa's pussy clitoris is small and cute, but on the other hand, it seems to lack impact because of this. However, it is more than made up for by her large, fleshy, meaty minor labia. Compare the close-up of Vanessa's pussy in this video with the close-up of Danni Ashe's pussy in Danni Ashe's famous video "Danni Hammock," which I consider the best pussy show along with this pussy show. Compared to Vanessa's large, meaty pussy labia, you can see how thin, narrow, and small her Danni's minor labia are, even in the wonderful pink pussy of Danni Ashe, the natural big-breasted beauty of the century.
Where the bilateral minor labia transition to the clitoris, that is, in front of each side of the clitoris, the left and right minor labia divide into ascending and descending branches, with the ascending branch fusing to the clitoral foreskin and the descending branch fusing to the lower edge of the clitoris on either side, the composition of these fused areas is, because of Vanessa's small clitoris, in her case delicate and clear.And the composition of these fusions is breathtakingly exquisite and fantastic, as is the dynamic composition of the larger clitorises of Chloe Vevrier and Linsey Dawn McKenzie, who are the opposites.

1 year ago 

Needless to say, the excellence of the pussy show in this video is due first and foremost to this beautiful models with her natural super huge tits and ultra-thick meaty pussy labia.
But the second important thing is that the climax of the video, the close-up pussy show from the front, is preceded by a pussy show from behind of her on all fours as prologue.
It is fantastic to see her voluptuous major labia and fleshy meaty minor labia move as one soft pink mass of flesh as she rubs, squeeze, and massages her pussy with her right hand. Through her legs, which are spread wide open, her pussy curtains hang over her two saggy, drooping, natural big tits. This sight is also one of the best sights for men.

2 years ago 

If I were to divide this video into genres, I would consider the subject matter to be her amazing pussy shows saw from the front and from the back.
My favorite close-up pussy shows are, as previously mentioned, this one and Danni Ashe's Danni Hammock in Danni at Mansion (allegedly filmed by her husband). (Also included in the Score Classics is Winona Lind's Teenage Teaser, which is also an excellent pussy show.)
Dani Ashe is the natural big-basty beauty of the century, with great tits and pussy, but if you look at her pussy from a macroscopic point of view, her pink pussy is great, but her minor labia are relatively narrow and thin compared to her voluptuous and plump major labia.
Vanessa's pussy minor labia, on the other hand, are thick and super fleshy, super meaty with large spread pussy wings that are nothing compared to Danni Ashe’s one. This is what makes this video one of the best pussy videos I've ever seen. This is the main reason why this video deserves to be the best pussy show ever. The deep vaginal canal of Danni Ashe's wide-open pink pussy is also very, very fantastic, but for my taste it doesn't come close to the power of Vanessa's stretchy, super-fleshy and
super-meaty large labia minora. Also, the clitoris hidden under the thick critoral foreskin that transitions from the meaty bilateral labia minora is small but very pretty.
I have DVDs of your three pussy shows (VD279D, VD360N &VD422N), and I think that the models should be natural big-basty beauties if possible. Even though I am a passionate pussy lover, I am less impressed when I see a close-up of a pussy if the model has poor tits or is unattractive.
On the other hand, Vanessa in this video is a very beautiful woman with big natural tits.
Vanessa in this video is the best pussy model with super beautiful, super natural big tits and super fleshy, meaty large minor labia, which makes this video a great pussy show. I strongly hope that your company will take these points into consideration and produce a sequel DVD to this pussy show. Also, this masterpiece video should be preserved for posterity as a masterpiece of a masterpiece pussy show, as Vanessa is an inimitable super pussy model.

5 years ago 

I wish there was more videos of her. If you have more please release them!!! :)

7 years ago 

I think that this video is rehearsal shooting of the one,
listed in DVD,"Best Of Voluptuous".In such meaning,
it can be said that it is very valuable.
But in this video her pink vaginal wall and delicate clitoris look beautiful and clear.
Anyways,Natural Busty Vanessa,her meaty large pussy lips are very fantastic and most sexy ones.
For me of enthusiastic large meaty pussy lips lover with natural big tits, Vanessa She is one of My favorite four meaty pussy queens,i.e.,Dawn Phoenix,Lily Valentine,Lillian Faye, and this Vanessa.

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