A Day With Via Paxton

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A Day With Via Paxton

When SCORE CEO John Fox received photos of Via Paxton in the mail, he recognized greatness. Those snaps were sent to John by a fan named C.S. who approached Via at a Barnes & Noble bookshop in Chicago, Illinois. Luckily for the big-bust world, Via didn't brush him off. He managed to take some photos later on and sent them off to his favorite publishers.

When this video was produced in Florida, Via measured 44-28-38, wore a 38E bra, stood 5'8" and weighed 142 lbs. She was 26 years old and a Gemini, which had nothing to do with her double debut in September 1999 SCORE and September 1999 Voluptuous. Via worked for a very well-known courier company and asked us to please not publish its name, an oath we have maintained all these years.

This video has everything a total boob-man could want. Via delivered her goodies in the breast way possible and never modeled for anyone else even though every professional big-bust photographer was trying to find her. In 2000, a few months after Boob… Read More »
Featuring: Via Paxton
Date: June 24th, 2017
Duration: 41:25

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