Vixen LaMoore: The Busty Doll

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Vixen LaMoore: The Busty Doll

Now retired, Vixen LaMoore was a girl who loved to play dress-up and the glamour side of modeling. She was the human equivalent of a paper doll. The dress she wears in this video perfectly fits her body and personality. She used to wear it at conventions in Las Vegas and at other events, like motorcycle shows in California. The director had her take it off too fast, in our opinion. Another director would have lingered for a while before Vixen got completely naked and toyed her pussy.

Vixen was all about having fun. It wasn't about "Here are my tits, give me money," which I see a lot of today. "I love showing off my big tits in public," Vixen said in an article in August 2006 SCORE. "Showing off my huge hooters is who I am. I never cover up with baggy, oversized clothes. I think big tits are just about the most beautiful thing there is, so what's to hide? All my clothes have to be tight, tight, tight, and the tops must be low-cut, and my skirts have to be cut all the way to my pussy.… Read More »
Featuring: Vixen LaMoore
Date: November 28th, 2023
Duration: 28:31

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