Adina: Las Vegas Hot Body

Adina: Las Vegas Hot Body

This was one of Adina's first shoots at SCORE. It was published in the July 2000 issue. Adina, who was 20 years old at the time of the shoot, was born and raised in Las Vegas. The editor of Voluptuous magazine liked Adina and also published a set of her in the July 2000 edition.

"I like to go to Hard Rock and Mandalay Bay resorts but I'm not old enough to gamble yet!" Adina said. Or to drink alcohol in Las Vegas. The legal age is 21.

Our response to that at the time was "Which is good, they're both bad habits. But posing nude, that's a great habit, and it pays better than the low wage jobs they offer 20-year-old girls in Vegas."

We asked Adina a few questions when time allowed.

Adina: I'm studying dental hygiene.

SCORELAND: Who's better at dental hygiene--men or women?

Adina: Neither of them are very good at it.

SCORELAND: When a guy hits on you, do you check out his teeth first?

Adina: I look at his shoes first, then his car…
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Date: September 10th, 2022
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After all, her big clitoris is very nice!

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