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The Really Big, Big Boob Threesome

Featuring: Angelique and Brittany O'Neil
Date: March 22nd, 2018
Photos: 60
Busty Brittany (now known as Brittany O'Neil) had a prolific career in the Los Angeles porn industry. She amassed a large number of credits to her name and was always in demand. Her visit to SCORE in the UK led to an out-of-production tape called Busty Brittany Takes London. It included this scene in an edited version. This SCORE Classics version is the original raw video with the original audio including the director's instructions. It has never been seen before. "I'm used to being on-camera, so I'm not shy with posing nude and having sex in front of the camera, but in everyday life, I'm definitely shy," Brittany said in an interview in 2003. "I keep to myself. I'm a paradox. What I'm like here is not what I'm like at home." Brazil's Angelique was a SCORE regular during most of the 1990s.

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