Brittany O'Neil: The Beginning

Brittany O'Neil: The Beginning

This set of Brittany O'Neil (Busty Brittany) was shot in London in 1992. She was one of the nicest girls to visit SCORE.

We asked Brittany how it all began.

"When I was in college, I was working at a Christian radio station, but I needed money for college. There was this local place down the street, so I went down there. I had a business suit on because I was working in an office, and I said, 'Are you hiring? Can I fill out an application?' And they said, 'Yeah, but you don't fill out an application. You audition.' And I was like, 'Oh, okay.' And I was thinking, 'It's like the theater.'

"So I got up there on stage and started dancing, and they said, 'You're a really good dancer,' because I did take dance courses in school, and then they said, 'But you have to take your clothes off.' I mean, there I was, just dancing away but not taking any clothes off. I knew it was adult-oriented, but I thought maybe they just dressed sexy, like in bikinis. There are places like that. And…
Featuring: Brittany O'Neil
Date: April 22nd, 2023
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