Hairs to Clare

A Scottish girl, Clare (also known as Hairy Clare) was 18 years old when she began posing nude in 1999 for British photographers, including our team in London. The hirsute lovers wigged out over her. We would have filmed Clare with or without the thick bush.

Clare told a TSG editor, "Lots of people don't understand. I even had a boyfriend who almost ran out the door when he saw my underarms were unshaved. But, once he got close and felt the softness of me, he became intrigued. It took a while but he went farther and farther until he put his face between my legs. Then I had him!" Clare moved to America, changed her name to Scotti Andrews and did hardcore, including anal fucking. She exited the adult video world in 2005.
Featuring: Clare
Date: October 28th, 2023
Photos: 66

Member Comments

8 months ago 

Clare's sets always made my pulse race, during her days of posing for the magazines. Here thick, natural body hair was amazing to behold . . .

8 months ago 

Her pussy spreading is good.My goodness!I am impressed.

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