Kayla Kleevage & Lynden Johnson

Kayla Kleevage & Lynden Johnson

Lynden Johnson was an odd name for any stripper to choose. Why a variation on the name of the 36th President of the USA, Lyndon Johnson? The stage name has no showbiz, stripper or big boob connotation, unlike the name Kayla Kleevage.

Kayla and Lynden paired off in this shoot from 1991. In April,1994, they were both guests on the Sally Jesse Raphael show for a now-classic episode called "Big Busted & Proud.' They were joined by Toppsy Curvey, Letha Weapons, Tiffany Towers, Honey Mellons and Suzie Boobies, all big stars of big bust and big hair.

Lynden was no slouch. In 1993 and '94, she made over 70 hardcore porn videos and a few in '95. As mentioned in another posting about Lynden, "many of her videos were dirty and quick, shot on videotape. As a result, there was an endless stream of titles shipping to video shops. Although she was a very good sex performer, Lynden was usually the second- or third-billed name, not the star."

Over the years, Kayla started her own production…
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