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Lesbian Liaison: Lili & Natalia

Featuring: Lili Xene and Natalia
Date: November 12th, 2020
Photos: 54
Natalia was born in Italy and living in Germany when this match-up was produced in 1994. She made her SCORE debut in June 1994. Natalia later returned in the September 1994 and August 1996 editions. Lili Xene (pronounced Zenay) told an editor that she didn't really know exactly how big her tits were. "I don't know what my bust size is. The people at the dance clubs have been billing me as 88HHH. To be honest, I don't really know my actual bust size but I do wear an H-cup bra. It's one of those really big ones. I couldn't even tell you because I have to get them custom made. The rest of my measurements are 24-36." .

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