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SaRenna Lee & Sana Fey: Sexy Legs & Feet

Featuring: Sana Fey and SaRenna Lee
Date: December 10th, 2020
Photos: 60
This pairing of classic SCORE Girls SaRenna Lee and Sana Fey is a rare detour from their big tits and emphasizes their legs and feet. If their bathroom video was a free-for-all, this odd photo set is very stylized and shot on a stark white set. The wardrobe is fetish-oriented with Sana wearing over-the-knee black boots and a black two-piece and SaRenna in a black, frilly costume and wearing ballet shoes. "I like women's feet," SaRenna said in an interview during the shooting of the Mega-Boob Olympics DVD. "I mean a man can have nice feet, but as far as adoring feet or seeing them as beautiful objects or something to admire, definitely women's feet. I like the fetish magazines like Leg Sex. I really enjoy hosiery, especially the kind from the old days with the seams. I love all of that, but I like it on women." Both of these superstars were traveling feature exotic dancers during the 1990s, but SaRenna never did hardcore videos with guys while Sana did lots of it in Los Angeles. As noted in the bio, "SaRenna had zero interest in doing boy-girls, not even softcore scenes. She has nothing against any girl who does but it just wasn't in her nature.

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