Sierra: Sex Education

Sierra: Sex Education

"For some reason, my pussy gets really wet when I'm giving head. I can actually cum from giving head. I don't know how I actually do it, but I just do it. I'm a cum freak. It's just no fun unless the guy cums. I like to rub it all over my body, taste it, play with it. I like it on my face. More than anything, I like tasting it. Okay, I'm nasty! I'm just a nasty little girl. If I can get a guy to pull out of my pussy and cum all over me, it's such a power trip and it's so much fun."

This 2002 photo shoot of Sierra matches the video in most ways. Like most hardcore still versions, the positions are often different from the positions in the video. In the photos, Sierra is on her back when she jerks out his cum load. In the video, Sierra is sitting on the edge of the bed. The important thing is that she jacked him with her hand instead of the porn guy jacking himself on the girl, as it is in every video, no matter who produced it.

"I don't like the way I sound in videos, and I hate the…
Featuring: Sierra
Date: June 24th, 2021
Photos: 110

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