Angelique: Oily & Toying

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Angelique: Oily & Toying

Brazilian boob-star Angelique oils her SCORE covergirl body and plays with her huge tits. The place is London and the year is 1995. She fingers her pussy and gets very busy with a cock-shaped dildo in the last part of the video.

As we've pointed out many times over the past thirty-odd years, Angelique didn't turn on her erotic Brazilian personality just for the cameras. She was like that all the time. We called her a force of nature. Her English was never her strong point back then but words were usually not necessary with her. She could attract a crowd with the toss of her hair.

Angelique visited SCORE in Miami in 2002 for a couple of days. We hoped Angelique would return for more shoots but she never did. This is the moment when someone plays a sad tune on the violin. She'll always be our legend. Read More »
Featuring: Angelique
Date: February 6th, 2024
Duration: 17:01

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2 weeks ago 

I always loved her when I was younger

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