Sierra & Autumn-Jade

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Sierra & Autumn-Jade

This is a terrific girl-on-girl pairing from 2001 that's timeless. Sierra and Autumn-Jade had very different career paths, upbringing and personalities but they played well together, had a genuine rapport and showed great enthusiasm on-camera. The idea to have Sierra be the photographer and Autumn-Jade the model was inspired.


SCORE: When did you start to enjoy sex?
Autumn-Jade: After I realized how great my body was, I guess.
SCORE: So it used to be you¹d be in bed with somebody and...
Autumn-Jade: I¹d never take my shirt off. For like the first four or five times with my first boyfriend, I wouldn¹t take my shirt off. I was embarrassed.
SCORE: Didn¹t he take it off for you?
Autumn-Jade: No. He didn¹t care, he was just following along. We were young.
SCORE: Definitely not a SCORE guy. When you¹re with a guy for the first time and you take your bra off in front of him, what¹s the typical reaction?
Autumn-Jade: Well, most of the time they¹ve already seen me in… Read More »
Featuring: Autumn-Jade and Sierra
Date: June 27th, 2023
Duration: 01:02:26

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