Honeymoon of Hooters

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Honeymoon of Hooters

During a trip to London, Honey Moons shot a hardcore scene with British porn guy Marino, one of the busiest chaps in UK porn, seemingly everywhere in everything and his dick in every girl.

An American, Honey got her start at the then infamous Market Street Cinema in a run-down section of San Francisco. It was her favorite club of all and everything seemed to happen there, including sex. The girls would do dildo shows on-stage. Honey did a nasty toy show with a dancer named Goldie Licks.

Honey met Erin Ireland aka Bunny Jo Tyler at Market Street. Erin taught Honey the ways of the feature dancer and Honey always considered Erin her mentor and teacher.
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Featuring: Honey Moons
Date: December 22nd, 2016
Duration: 58:40

Member Comments

4 years ago 

Honey is in the Top 5 of my all-time favorites. Sure wish she was still working, even after all these years.

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