Honey Comes Clean

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Honey Comes Clean

Some magazines got under Honey Moons' skin and Honey didn't hold back about expressing her feelings about them (or any other subject).

"You know, I shouldn't say this because Juggs magazine [ceased publication in 2012] really likes me, but I hate them because they always interview me and never print what I tell them," Honey told a SCORE Group editor in 1995.

"They said I was really in love with surfer boys and a lot of other weird shit. I didn't even finish reading the article. I understand they have to sell magazines, but the guys would probably buy more if they knew the shit was true!

"Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against them. Some things they do I hate, but they're part of the business too. I would just like them to print what I say. Some magazines print exactly what I say, but all they're concerned with is sex. Other magazines give the reader a huge ration of shit!"

Honey was in England for shoots, including her first XXX scene with a guy (British porn star Marino),… Read More »
Featuring: Honey Moons
Date: December 19th, 2017
Duration: 36:18

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