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The Sex Adventures of Nilli The Maid

Featuring: Nilli Willis
Date: October 31st, 2017
Duration: 31:06
Nilli Willis is a maid working for LeeAnne Lovelace and her husband in an English estate. Marino, the go-to guy in British porn during those years, is visiting on business. Ever the proper servant, Nilli offers Marino a beverage and then her busty body. While they're grinding on the couch, the mistress of the manor walks in, checks out what's going on and shoves her huge tits in Marino's face, eager to taste his cock. She tastes Nilli's tits too. When Marino shoots his wad after doing Nilli, LeeAnne wants some of his spunk also. What viewers didn't see and hear on the edited tape: The director John Graham giving instructions throughout. The retakes, laughing and flubs. Another member of the cast walking into the room behind them at the end. Marino is one of those porn stars who's forgotten more girls he's fucked professionally than the average man fucks in a lifetime.

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